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Display devices dominate our lives, as we are permanently connected, and our routines are integrated and organized through digital devices. More than 2.5 billion display devices are manufactured every year yet despite huge technological advancements, they still don’t account effectively for how humans see in varying light conditions and how unique the individual visual perception of the world is. Display devices are in a sense unintelligent. We all know that we have night vision, but we also have room vision and bright light vision. In direct sunlight we find that a tablet display looks foggy and the displayed content appears to lose contrast. Also, the effective age of our eyes is not being considered, as our eyes age, we see less contrast and our view of color shifts.

Today’s display panel manufacturing and the amazing content available is specifically designed for a studio viewing environment and for a young person’s eyes. Additionally, many people have eye deficiencies like color blindness. It has become evident that an important piece of the viewing experience is missing – perception – the physiology of our personal visual system needs to be accounted for to ensure content is seen as intended, at the point of perception.

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IRYStec Perceptual Display Platform Vision – PDP Vision
The world’s first software platform that intelligently and dynamically adapts the displayed content, to the ambient light, to the panel technology, and it is personalized according to the driver’s unique vision; delivering a safer and more power efficient in-car viewing experience.

As displays dominate the automotive interior this also becomes a safety concern for designers and critical to the consumer’s car buying decision. Automotive OEMs recognize that the control of both, a. the screen real estate and b. the displayed content, is strategically important to their ability to benefit from this automotive value transformation.

This is a game changing technology and with the help of a multi-disciplinary team of researchers and engineers we are raising the bar on displays for automotive applications”, 
Tara Akhavan, IRYStec Software, CTO and Founder.

IRYStec is leading the introduction of a new class of image processing technology that enables display devices to adapt to their viewing environment, to the viewer’s unique vision, to the various types of content and to the display panel hardware technology. The result is a superior viewing experience that can lead to lower power, heat and cost on display devices. IRYStec’s team has developed the world’s first light weight software based intelligent content rendering engine. This innovative technology addresses some of the most challenging automotive display issues and the ability to positively impact the lives of millions of people.

IRYStec Perceptual Display Platform (PDP Vision)Dynamic Content Optimization | Software Platform

IRYStec PDP Vision is the pioneering software based perceptual vision platform, that integrates seamlessly into the primary automotive systems —instrumentation clusters and infotainment displays, offering an enhanced driver and passenger in-cockpit visual experience.

Watch our VideoIRYStec PDP Vision │ Display Viewing Experience Redefined

Discover why automotive OEMs and Tier 1s are embracing this technology and how it is aligned to their strategy as connected cars of the future.

IRYStec Display Viewing Experience Redefined Video

IRYStec DRIVEvueAmbient Light Solution

IRYStec DRIVEvue is the ambient light product of the IRYStec Perceptual Display Platform Vision (IRYStec PDP Vision). It provides an enhanced and safer in-cabin visual experience under extreme lighting conditions, while accounting for the human visual system (HVS). With modes specifically designed to handle extremely bright and dark environments, such as driving on a very sunny day or in a poorly lit area at night, DRIVEvue increases the content visibility, hence reducing eye strain and fatigue, and improving the driver’s attention. Altogether, this significantly decreases the risk of road accidents, offering a safer in-vehicle environment for both drivers and passengers.

IRYStec MYvueViewer Intelligence Solution

IRYStec MYvue is the personalization product of the IRYStec Perceptual Display Platform Vision (PDP Vision). It offers an enhanced and safer in-cabin visual experience, for both driver and passengers, by compensating color and contrast loss due to eye aging. As the human eye becomes older, a phenomenon referred to as the yellowing of the cornea occurs, at different rates and increments, which is why the visual system is individual and everyone perceives the same color differently. Through a simple and easy calibration, IRYStec MYvue adapts the content color to be perceived by the driver or passenger as it was initially intended.

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