IRYStec Software Inc. is excited and honored to announce the acquisition of the company by Faurecia as of April 2020

“IRYStec Software Inc.” name has changed to “Faurecia IRYStec Inc.” and will continue building on its innovative roadmap in the Display and Image Processing Fields. Faurecia IRYStec will contribute globally to the Automotive eco-system as part of the Faurecia Clarion Electronics group. Joining forces with Faurecia is an amazing opportunity to build and grow the Innovative Image User Experience & Smart Display Processing products.

About Faurecia: Faurecia is a French global automotive supplier headquartered in Nanterre, in the western suburbs of Paris. In 2018 it was the 9th largest international automotive parts manufacturer in the world and #1 for vehicle interiors and emission control technology. One in three automobiles is equipped by Faurecia. Faurecia’s revenue was north of 17 billion EUR in 2018.